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The Vincent Square and other news

The Vincent Square

I thought it was time to update and provide some new information about my forbears. I have a number of articles coming up taken from W.D.F. Vincents book “The Tailors Handbook of Useful Information on Social, Literary, Historical, Practical and…

Frank Hammond -The Buffs

My (Great) Uncle Frank served in the The Buffs Royal East Kent Regiment before during and after WW2. This picture was among his papers and I assume it is some sort of re-enactment of an earlier period. At a guess…

More about W.D.F. Vincent

Book Cover: Tailoring of the Belle Epoque

W.D.F. Vincent b. 18 June 1860 d. 18 June 1926 Introduction by Betty Williams from “Tailoring of the Belle Epoque” publ R.L. Shep 1991 ISBN 978-0914046110 Mr. W.D.F. Vincent When I think of tailoring, and tailoring books, anytime between the…

Dr W Vincent

(Son of W.D.F. Vincent) [b. 1886 d. 1931] (The following is taken from a handwritten notebook by Bill, with added comments for clarification) “Bill” Whether or not, this scribble will ever be read I do no know, I have been…

WW1 Victory Parade?

These pictures come from family papers – I have no idea how it relates to use other than a family member may have worked at the factory. It is believed they could be taken in the Acton area.