I decided to bring my different websites together in one place to make it easier to keep everything up to date.

I have thought long and hard on the name for this website. After a number of years as “Vincents.org.uk – …the past and present of the Vincent Family”, I decided on:

“The Vincent Conglomeration – a number of different things that are grouped together”

Conglomoration - The Definition
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This website is hosted on 1and1, uses WordPress and the Atahualpa theme for desktops or Twenty Fourteen theme for mobile devices.

1and1 aren’t the best hosts for WordPress as I sometimes get some memory problems importing and processing pictures etc. Hopefully they will improve their service… :-/

No issues with WordPress though – excellent product with loads of free plugins to improve the look and feel of the site. NextGen Gallery is used for the photo galleries

Photocrati Next Gen Gallery

This theme can be heavily customised and is a good way to keep up knowledge of Custom Style Sheets

Family History is important – many people spend time compiling family trees but it is good to know something of how our ancestors lived and to keep stories from their lives. I hope these are useful to others who read these pages

I’ve been doing re-enactment with the Sealed Knot for many years where I sometimes take photos.

I also enjoy going to other re-enactment events where I also have been known to take the odd photo

The pages found on this website: