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How to be a Musketeer

The Musketeer

This page has not been updated for sometime so does not necessarily meet current requirements. HOW TO BE A MUSKETEER This is based upon the requirements to be a Musketeer within the Sealed Knot and is based around UK gun…

Cannon Sizes

Chart from one in Ward, “Animadversions of Warre” ¶ The names of the pieces of Great Ordnance now in most use Bore of Piece (ins) Dia. of shot Weight of shot Weight of Serpentine Powder Weight of Corned* Powder Weight…


Jeff, The Musketeer

I have been taking part in 17th century re-enactment for over 30 years now and still regularly can be found firing my musket at events. I am interested in other periods but getting a whole load of extra kit could…

SK Galleries

Photos I’ve taken at SK events over the years – the scanned images aren’t all taken by me, some are also taken by Caroline Vincent