Month: January 2017

Post Processing

View across Cardiff Bay

So the saying goes: “The Camera Never Lies”. Well yes, in some ways that is true. The sensor of the camera stores the information that has been projected onto it through the lens into a file . Only once we…

The Tailors Handbook – Ninth Part of a Man

Nine Tailors making a Man

This is the third article taken from “The Tailor’s Handbook of Useful Information” by W.D.F. Vincent published in c1905 It is the second part of the the handbook which counters the ridicule sometimes offered to tailors about being only one…

The Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage

2017 is upon us and I’ve been to some Google Digital Garage Seminars that will hopefully help me improve my website and to add some knowledge to go with the Google Online Marketing Fundamentals Certificate I gained at the Digital…