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Never mind the Quality…


This an article written by the UK Slide Rule Circle for their September 2008 edition of their magazine “Slide Rule Gazette”about the Vincent Square.


More can be found out about the UK Slide Rule Circle here

Many thanks to Jenny Hutchinson and David Rance from UK SRC for their permission to add this article

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WDF and Florence Vincent photograph

wdf The-Hayrick-nearby-the-meadow-Apr-16

‘The Hayrick nearby the meadow Apr 16’

This was probably taken near their house at Eynsham in Oxon.

➡ Read more about WDF Vincent here.

Dr W Vincent

(Brother of Dr. Leslie Jack Vincent) [b. 1886 d. 1931]

(The following is taken from a handwritten notebook by Bill, with added comments for clarification)


Whether or not, this scribble will ever be read I do no know, I have been worried by one & another until in self defence I’m starting to spoil . . . → Read More: Dr W Vincent

John Vincent and the last flight of Halifax LL307 (NF-J)

John Vincent and the last flight of Halifax LL307 (NF-J)

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L.W. Vincent – wartime service

My time in the Royal Air Force 1943-45 Bill Vincent

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J.K.R Vincent – Air Gunner

FS J.K.R. Vincent – a lucky escape

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W.D.F. Vincent – Tailor

W.D.F. Vincent

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